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The Art of the Disney Golden Books by Charles Solomon

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The Art of the Disney Golden Books celebrates a legacy that has now thrived for more than eighty years and continues to influence new generations of artists and filmmakers. A remarkable lineup of talent, many of whom were Disney Studio artists- including Mary Blair, Alice and Martin Provensen, Gustaf Tenggren, Al Dempster, Retta Scott Worcester, and Bill Peet-created the illustrations for the early Disney Golden Books.

Through interviews with contemporary animators who recall tracing the characters in their childhood Disney Golden Books, paintings by artists who influenced and inspired the Disney Golden Book illustrations, and a generous complement of Golden Book artwork-much of which was thought to have been lost until very recently-the rich tradition of the series is explored in this vibrant volume.

The Art of the Disney Golden Books is a must-have item for fans of Disney, fairy tales and beautiful art. Itwas written by Charles Solomon, author of the recently released — and eye-gougingly awesome — The Art of Frozen.

Click here to pre-order on Amazon and save 30%

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